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Trujillo Spain V Century

Hotel Casa de Orellana, Trujillo Hotels Spain.
Living the Medieval "Villa". Within the walled medieval City of Trujillo, Extremadura, Spain hard by the 13th century church of "Santa María La Mayor de La Asunción," stands the noble ancestral house in which was born the explorer and Discoverer of the Amazon, Francisco de Orellana. Watched over by its crenellated tower, this private historic hotel Casa de Orellana, Trujillo, Spain, with its arched entrance under the shield of the Orellanas, offers testimony of a city that for centuries lived the protagonism of its historical era. Excellent and exclusive location. The privacy of its surroundings, its enchantment. A unique and noble edifice, Hotel Casa de Orellana, Trujillo, Spain, ideal for quality tourism, cultural, historical, artistic and intellectual. Discreet and residential. Hotel Casa de Orellana, Trujillo, Spain is the ideal location for high level board meetings. Corporate incentive days and Private parties. A short walk from the Plaza Mayor (main city square) which, surrounded by palaces, is one of the most beautiful 16th century Spanish Renaissance city "plazas."
Trujillo Hotels Spain.

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Trujillo Spain

Trujillo                                  Spain
Casa de Orellana

Francisco de Orellana. Descubridor del Río Amazonas.